DC motors was recommended to me by a friend. I was very happy with the way that I was treated; Derick made me feel like a valued customer by explaining the problem with my vehicle and what they would do to repair it. He was able to zero into the issue while other mechanics were not clear on the source of the problem. His fee was very reasonable and I will certainly go back to DC motors.

- Susan Dubois -

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  • Up coming holiday closure

    Oct 10th Thanksgiving day Monday Nov 11th and 12th Remembrance day long weekend we will be closed Friday and Saturday

  • Winter Driving

    Like it or not, the white stuff is on the way. Last winter was real and visible – very cold temperatures, freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow, and slush. Suddenly, consumers became aware that “all season” or “all weather tires” do not offer the best traction in winter conditions. Yes, we have been preaching this for […]

  • Tire Pressure and the Environment

    Make all tires environmentally friendly by checking the tire pressure. In today’s tire market, consumers have a myriad of eco options when purchasing tires. However, the best eco action for all starts with the air in the tires. Simple but true. Tires should be inflated to the correct air pressure as indicated by the vehicle […]

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